Privacy Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

DKK-TOA has established the following "Personal Information Protection Policy" in order to protect personal information appropriately.
1. We shall obtain and use personal information, or shall provide other parties with such, only within the scope of our business purpose.
2. We shall take all rational safety and preventive measures technically and organizationally to keep such information from unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration, and leakage.
3. We shall comply with laws, guidelines, and regulations regarding personal information handling.
4. We shall prepare, review, and revise standard documents continuously in accordance with the requirements of the personal information protection management system (JIS Q 15001).

Customer Personal Information

1. Purpose and scope of the use of personal information

The use of personal information shall be limited to the following purpose and/or the scope for which the customer has given us consent directly.
(1) For providing products and services related to our business specified in the articles of corporation (manufacturing and sales of analytical instruments, industrial measuring instruments, environmental measuring instruments, electrical measuring instruments, and medical measuring instruments, etc.);
(2) For sales promotion and questionnaire surveys related to our products and services via telephone, e-mail, mail, and other media;
(3) For the modification and development of our products and for the improvement of our services; and
(4) For any acts other than the preceding items, regarding our sales activities.

2. Joint use of personal information

We may use our customers' personal information jointly with subcontractors or business partners, such as our group companies and contracted agencies, etc., in accordance with Item 1.

In such cases, we shall take precautionary measures, such as the signing of confidentiality agreements, fulfilling our obligation to provide appropriate supervision.

3. Provision of personal information to a third party

DKK-TOA shall not provide any obtained personal information to any third party without the prior consent of the individual, except in the following cases:

(1) For joint use as stated in item 2;
(2) Where the provision is required in accordance with the law; and
(3) Where the provision is required to protect the life, health, or property of an individual.

Please contact us via the below telephone or e-mail address for confirming, correcting, or deleting your personal information or for any inquiries regarding this privacy policy.

In case of an inquiry regarding personal information, we may confirm the identification given, and only the principal can make inquiries regarding his/her personal information.


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