Online Heavy Metal Analyzer
Online Heavy Metal Analyzer

- HMA Series

DKK-TOA's HMA Series is a new range of online heavy metal analyzers --- specially developed for difficult industrial and waste water applications. Currently, there are five models in the series, providing continuous measurements of Total Chrome (TCR), Hexavalent Chrome (CR6), Total Copper (TCU), Total Nickel (TNI) and Total Manganese (TMN). The measurement method is based on the colorimetric method.


High-temperature chamber designed for measuring total heavy metal contents accurately.


Development based on previous, field proven instruments with more than 1,500 existing installations worldwide.

Low Operation Cost

Low reagent consumption and waste outflow reduce overall cost successfully.

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News One
Model: HMA-TCR
Total Chromium
News Two
Model: HMA-CR6
Chromium (VI)
News Three
Model: HMA-TCU
Total Copper
News Three
Model: HMA-TNI
Total Nickel
News Three
Model: HMA-TMN
Total Manganese