Portable Water Quality Meter P30 series

Eight models form the lineup, from a pH meter for pH measurement only to a dual-channel meter for dissolved oxygen and pH measurement.



Power-saving design; approx. 1/30 of the power consumption (max.) of our previous models


Off-the-shelf rechargeable batteries can be used.

Waterproof construction allows for safe field measurement.

IP67 : Immersible at 1 m for 30 min.

Large display for a clear view and easy reading

display image

The size of the display is approx. 1.2 times larger than our previous models. Dual channel models have a dual display; two items can be indicated on the display.

Memory storage for 1,000 pieces of data

Auto memory with an interval setting function can be used.

Connectable to PCs, external printers, data loggers, and other devices

It has excellent expandability, just like a desktop-type device, for easy data management.

(excluding the HM-30P and RM-30P)

*Dedicated data collection software is required for importing measurement data to a PC.