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Regarding repair and spare-parts for discontinued products and products not shown here, please ask separately.

Portable & Handheld Analyzers

Product Model number Discontinued date Replacement
Handheld Carbon Dioxide Meter CGP-1 30/06/2012 CGP-31
Handheld Turbidity Meter TB-25A 30/05/2012 TB-31
Handheld Surface Salinity Meter SSM-14P 28/12/2011 SSM-21P
Handheld pH Meter HM-24PF 20/04/2011 N/A
Handheld Electric Conductivity Meter CM-21P 20/08/2010 CM-31P
Handheld High Sensitivity Dissolved Oxygen Meter OBM-101P 01/05/2010 DO-32A
Handheld pH Meter HM-21P 20/04/2010 HM-31P
Handheld pH Meter HM-20P 20/04/2010 HM-30P
Handheld Residual Chlorine Meter RC-24P-Q 20/04/2010 RC-31P-Q
Handheld Residual Chlorine Meter RC-24P-F 20/04/2010 RC-31P-F
Handheld ORP Meter RM-20P 20/04/2010 RM-30P
Handheld Ion/pH Meter IM-22P 20/04/2010 IM-32P
Handheld Hypochlorite Concentration Analyzer RC-27P 20/04/2010 RC-37P
Handheld Electric Conductivity/pH Meter WM-22EP 20/04/2010 WM-32EP
Handheld Electric Conductivity Meter for Pure Water CM-21PW 20/04/2010 CM-31P-W
Handheld Dissolved Oxygen Meter DO-24P 20/04/2010 DO-31P
Handheld Electric Conductivity Meter CM-1K 01/04/2009 CM-31P
ATP Tester AF-70 01/01/2008 N/A
Handheld Residual Chlorine Sensor (Throw-in type) CLP-20 30/09/2007 N/A
Handheld Dissolved Oxygen Meter HDO-110 30/11/2006 DO-31P
ATP Tester AF-50 30/11/2006 N/A
Cleanliness Checker AF-20 30/09/2006 N/A
Multi-Parameter Water Quality Sensor WMS-20A 31/07/2006 WQC-22A

Discontinued products


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