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Regarding repair and spare-parts for discontinued products and products not shown here, please ask separately.

Laboratory Analyzers

Product Model number Discontinued date Replacement
Volatile Organic Compounds in Water Analyzer VOC-100 01/05/2010 N/A
Automatic Titrator AUT-501 01/05/2010 AUT-701
Spectrophotometric Detector ICA-3020 01/01/2008 ICA-201UV
Spectrophotometric Detector ICA-200UV 01/01/2008 ICA-201UV
Polyspecimen BOD Analyzer BO-1000 01/01/2008 Please contact us.
Conductivity Sensor ICA-5220 01/01/2008 N/A
pH Meter HM-60G 01/11/2007 HM-30R
pH Meter HM-50G 01/11/2007 HM-30R
pH Meter HM-30G 01/11/2007 HM-30R
pH Meter HM-25G 01/11/2007 HM-25R
Ion/pH Meter IM-55G 01/11/2007 MM-60R
Electric Conductivity/pH Meter WM-50EG 01/11/2007 MM-60R
Dissolved Oxygen Meter DO-55G 01/11/2007 MM-60R
Conductivity Meter CM-60G 01/11/2007 CM-30R
Conductivity Meter CM-40G 01/11/2007 CM-30R
Conductivity Meter CM-30G 01/11/2007 CM-25R,CM-30R
Automatic Calibrator AH-1G 30/11/2006 N/A
Ion Analyzer IA-200 30/09/2006 IA-300

Discontinued products


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