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Regarding repair and spare-parts for discontinued products and products not shown here, please ask separately.

Process Analyzers

Product Model number Discontinued date Replacement
Intrinsically Safe Explosion-Proof Model Electromagnetic Concentration Meter / conductivity meter / Intrinsically safe explosion-proof model conductivity converter SMDM-301 (2-wire transmitter) / SECP-20T (2-wire) 31/03/2013 N/A
Immersion-Type Sensor with Pulse Air Jet Cleaner POC-7E 31/03/2012 POC-7D
Immersion-Type Sensor with Pulse Air Jet Cleaner PHC-7E 31/03/2012 PHC-7D
Intrinsically Safe Explosion-Proof Type Transmitter for Industrial pH/ORP Analyzer SPCP-20T( pH ) / SRCP-20T( ORP ) (2 - wire) 30/11/2011 SHBM-161(pH)/SHBM-163(ORP)
Electromagnetic Concentration/Conductivity Analyzer MDM-310 30/11/2011 MBM-160/MBM-162
Electromagnetic Concentration/Conductivity Analyzer MDM-300 30/11/2011 MDM-135A/MDM-137A
Sanitary Type Conductivity Analyzer WBM-120 17/12/2010 WBM-121A
TOC Monitor Transmitter TOC-200 30/11/2010 N/A
TOC Monitor Detector TO-1 30/11/2010 N/A
Handheld TOC Monitor TOC-200P 30/11/2010 N/A
pH Analyzer/Transmitter HBM-310 01/05/2010 HBM-160
ORP Analyzer/Transmitter HBM-312 01/05/2010 HBM-162
High Sensitivity Resistivity Meter for Ultra Pure Water AQ-11 01/05/2010 AQM-210A
Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer/Transmitter OBM-100A 01/05/2010 OBM-100H
Conductivity Controller PP-3501 01/05/2010 PP-3502
Conductivity Controller PP-3401 01/05/2010 PP-3402
Electromagnetic Conductivity Transmitter MDM-136A 30/01/2009 MBM-160
Degital Resistivity Meter AQM-100 01/04/2008 AQM-100A
Panel Type Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter OBM-136 30/09/2007 OBM-102A
Resistivity Controller AQM-210 01/04/2007 AQM-210A
Conductivity Controller WBM-210 01/04/2007 WBM-210A
Electromagnetic Concentration Analyzer MDM-138A 10/03/2007 MBM-162
Process Mass Spectrometer QUESTORⅣ 30/11/2006 N/A
Resistivity Analyzer/Controller AQM-200 31/03/2006 AQM-210A
pH Analyzer/Controller HB-121DA 07/09/2005 HBM-100A
ORP Analyzer/Controller HB-123DA 07/09/2005 HBM-102A

Discontinued products


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