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pH Meter ORP Meter
Transmitter for Industrial pH/ORP Analyzer
Panel Mount pH/ORP Analyaer
Exchangeable Tip pH Electrode
Immersion Type pH/ORP Detector
Flow-Through Type pH/ORP Detector
pH Sensor for Pure Water Measurement
Immersion Type pH/ORP Detector with Some Cleaners
pH Meter with Auto-Calibration/Chemical Cleaner
Intrinsically Safe Explosion-Proof Type Transmitter for Industrial pH/ORP Analyzer
pH Sensor for Bio-Process Applications
Conductivity Analyzer
Transmitter for Industrial Conductivity Analyzer
Panel Type Conductivity Analyzer
Conductivity Detectors with Amplifier
Industrial Conductivity Detector
Intrinsically Safe Conductivity Transmitter
Resistivity Analyzer
Panel Type Resistivity Analyzer for Ultra-Pure Water
Electromagnetic Conductivity Analyzer
Transmitter for Electromagnetic Conductivity Analyzer
Panel Type Electromagnetic Conductivity/Concentration Analyzer
Electromagnetic Conductivity Detector
Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer
Panel Type DO Analyzer
Immersion/Drop-in Type DO Holder/Detector with Water Jet Cleaner
Transmitter for Industrial Low-Concentration DO Analyzer
Intrinsically Safe Explosion-Proof Type DO Transmitter
Automatic Process Analyzer
SDI Analyzer

Analyzers for Water & Waste Water Treatment

Automatic Water Quality Analyzer for City Water
Residual Chlorine Analyzer
Reagentless Free Chlorine Analyzer
Chloride Demand Analyzer
Colorimeter/Turbidity Meter
Turbidity Analyzer
Suspended Solids Concentration Analyzer
Alkalinity Analyzer
Sand Filter

Analyzers for Boiler Water Applications

Boiler Sampling System
Hydrazine Transmitter

Analyzers for Oil Refineries

Boiling Point Analyzer
Flash Point Analyzer
Pour Point Analyzer
Cold Filter Plugging Point Analyzer
Cloud Point Analyzer
Vapor Pressure Analyzer
Process Sulfur Content Analyzer
Process Colorimeter
Explosion-Proof Type Cooler

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Process Analyzers
Analyzers for Water & Waste Water Treatment
Analyzers for Boiler Water Applications
Analyzers for Oil Refineries

Product Information

Analyzers for Oil Refineries

Boiling Point Analyzer

Boiling Point Analyzer

 Boiling Point Analyzer BPM-2000


  • Designed for oil refinery 
  • Automatic fractional distillate analyzer of batch distillation type enables distillation test of petroleum products such as kerosene, diesel oil, gasoline and etc.
  • Adopts high resolution liquid level detecting sensor
  • Newly-developed FA computer embedded with large-sized, color touch panel
  • Explosion-proof TIIS fd2G4 certified

Meas. range

Standard:Light gas oil (0 - 400 degrees C), Kerosene (0 - 300 degrees C), Gasoline (0 - 200degrees C)