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Regarding repair and spare-parts for discontinued products and products not shown here, please ask separately.

Water Quality Analyzers/Systems

Product Model number Discontinued date Replacement
Oil Film Detector (Explosion-Proof Model) SODL-20 30/09/2012 SODL-1600
Organic Pollution Monitor (UV Instrument) OPM-410A 28/09/2012 OPM-1610
Simplified Cyanide Ion Monitor CNBM-100 31/03/2012 CNBM-100A
Automatic Total Nitrogen/Phosphorus/COD Analyzer NPW-150 30/10/2011 NPW-160
Pollutant Load Calculator CALD-2023 31/12/2010 CALD-2030
Pollutant Load Calculator CALD-2021 31/12/2010 CALD-2030
Automatic COD Analyzer COD-203 28/07/2010 COD-203A
Cyanide in Water Amplifier CNHG-42 01/05/2010 N/A
Automatic Water Quality Monitor WQMS 01/05/2010 WQMS-CW
Total Cyanide Monitor TCNMS-2 31/03/2010 XAT-200
Oil-on-Water Alarms ODL-20 11/12/2009 ODL-1600
Oil-on-Water Alarms Transmitter ZO-12 01/06/2009 N/A
Simplified Fluoride Ion Analyzer/Transmitter FBM-100 30/04/2009 FBM-100A
Fluoride Ion Monitor FBM-300 30/04/2009 FBM-160
Automatic BOD Analyzer BOD-3 01/08/2007 BODMS
Automatic COD Analyzer COD-201-2 30/04/2007 COD-203A
Automatic Volatile Organic Compounds in Water Analyzer VOGC-100 30/11/2006 N/A
Oil-on-Water Alarms ODL-12 07/09/2006 ODL-1600
Explosion Proof Type Oil-on-Water Alarms SODL-12 07/09/2006 SODL-1600

Discontinued products


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