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Our Response to New Coronavirus Spread of Infections


We would like to express our sincere condolences to those who died from the new virus
infection (COVID-19) and our heartfelt sympathy to the affected people.
We will make every effort to fulfill our responsibility to supply products and
services to our customers in response to the ever-changing circumstances while
implementing various measures to cope with the spread of infections.
Please find our response to the continuing spread of infections.

1. Our employees are able to handle sales and after-sales services activities
through shifts and other means , based on appropriate measures to prevent infections.
We will inform you any change when any future impact are occurred.

2.Major Infection Prevention Measures
Employees are given thorough attention to preventive measures against infections.
Following measures are implemented to reduce the risk of infections.
-Encouraging staggered hours and telecommuting-work.
-Thorough health management of employees.
-Self-restrain on non-urgent going out on holidays ,etc.
-Thorough hygiene management in the workplace.
-Switching to video conferencing and telephone conferencing .
-Restriction on transfer between places of business.
-To refrain from accepting unnecessary visitors.

We would like to thank you for your understanding of this issue.