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New factory for medical related devices to be built in Sayama


New factory for medical related devices to be built in Sayama

DKK-TOA has announced the descision that it will build a new factory specially designed for manufacturing medical related devices in Sayama Technical Center, Sayama City, Saitama Pref.

Background of building the new factory
DKK-TOA is expanding its business in medical related area as the 4th pillar following the 3 pillars Water, Air, and Gas. Ever since developing and manufacturing powder-type dialysis solvent dissolving equipment 28 years ago using sensor technology for water quality analysis, DKK-TOA has been providing the equipments to dialysis hospitals.
The number of people in need of dialysis is on the rise in the Asian region especially in Japan and China.
As DKK-TOA was requested to increase production from a major manufacturer of medical devices, it was decided that the new factory be built in the Sayama Technical Center.
Besides powder- type dialysis solvent dissolving equipment, DKK-TOA is confident that it will expand sales in medical related area by developing clinical medical products using its sensor technology.

Manufacturing capability: 500-600 units (Approx. 2 times that of current capacity)
Quality Control: Powder- type dialysis solvent dissolving equipments do not fall under the category of “Medical devices” under the Japanese law. However, dialysis equipments which are to be paired are medical devices, so they are manufactured under strict quality control. For future product development, DKK-TOA will secure the highest safety standard for medical use by installing the same level safety standards medical devices.
Working environment: Designed for worker-friendly environment and efficient operation.

Summary of the new factory
Address: 613, Kitairiso, Sayama-shi, Saitama
Building overview: Total Floor Area Approx. 3,300m², Four-storied Ferroconcrete building
Purposes: Production line, Test Evaluation System, Warehouse
Goods to be manufactured: Powder-type dialysis solvent dissolving equipment, Clinical medical use products
Expected construction start/complete date : 2017 Jan./2017 Sep. (Expected to operate from 2017 October)
Investment: JPY 1.2 billion
Energy saving measures: Clean room (environmental load reducing technology incorporated),
Solar Power Generation System

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