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Singapore International Water Week 2016 successfully closed


Singapore International Water Week successfully closed

DKK-TOA participated in Singapore International Water Week 2016 from July 11 to July 13.
Over 300 people came to our booth from countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and other neighboring countries, and over 100 people replied to our questionnaire.
DKK-TOA has demonstrated the new Benchtop Water Quality Analyzer "X-series", Portable Multi-parameter Water Quality Analyzer, Fluoride Ion Monitor, Organic Pollutant Monitor, Oil Film Detector, and Automatic Drinking Water Analyzer.
In South East Asia region, there is a growing demand for Drinking/Waste water analyzers necessary for constructing basic infrastructure. DKK-TOA has successfully used this opportunity to promote DKK-TOA brand with its distributors in South East Asia where the market is rapidly growing.