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DKK-TOA's PM2.5 Analyzer has passed Chinese certificate test


DKK-TOA's PM2.5(Fine Particulate Matter) Analyzer has passed Chinese certificate test

As of November 9, 2015, DKK-TOA’s PM2.5(Fine Particulate Matter)Analyzer FPM-377 has passed the Chinese certification test and received the certificate from the Chinese Academy for Environmental Planning which is the issuing authority of certificates in China. After a year of strict environmental testing such as continuous stable measurement test and seasonal accuracy test,including the preparation period, DKK-TOA has finally received the certificate with high evaluations.

As you may know, China has been working on the environmental protection, and reducing PM2.5 is a matter of top priority as country.
DKK-TOA already has many records in installing environmental water quality analyzers for the application in China, but now that the PM2.5 Analyzer was added to the line, DKK-TOA can now contribute to the environmental protection in China from both the water pollution and the air pollution point of view. DKK-TOA is confident that this footstep will lead to the further expansion of business in China.