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Business Partnership with CHINO Corporation


Business Partnership with CHINO Corporation

Tokyo, Japan, February 13, 2014 --- DKK-TOA Corporation (DKK-TOA) is pleased to announce our business partnership cooperation with CHINO Corporation (CHINO). Over last few years, the raising environmental problems of developing countries in Asia have been much attention, which also led to the increasing investments in environmental protection infrastructures. To both companies, the business chance is big and a tune-up growing strategy is needed.

On the other hand, the maturation of domestic market has pushed companies to accelerate developing speed of next generation products in order to trigger new demand of the market. In view of the circumstance, DKK-TOA and CHINO decide to establish business partnership to break the status quo. By sharing each own acquired technologies as well as resources of manufacturing and services bases, the companies will work on the mutual success together.

Head office: 32-8, KUMANO-CHO, ITABASHI-KU, TOKYO173-8632, JAPAN
Established on: August 1, 1936
Capital: ¥4,292 million
Employees: 945 (Consolidated)
Line of business: Manufacture and sales of instrumentation and control equipment/instrumentation work
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As regards the detailed action plan and the important effect on our company’s sales performance, the information will be provided promptly.