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New Catalog Download Available for LHC-7D


Download New Catalog of Electrode Holder with Lift-Up Type Jet Cleaner


New catalog download available. 
You can access to the download page by clinkling the link below.

・LHC-7D Electrode Holder with Lift-Up Type Jet Cleaner

The LHC-7D is a detector which can lift up from the sample water and remove fouling from the pH/ORP
electrode effectively. This model is featured with an automatic cleaning system that applies alternate streams
of wash water and chemical solution (such as a 5% hydrochloric acid solution) to clean the pH/ORP detector.
The LHC-7D is capable of highly reliable pH/ORP measurements on a long-term basis. It helps to ease the
burden of maintenance work. It can be used for a variety of applications in different types of plant facilities.

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