DKK-TOA Corporation

Automatic total nitrogen/phosphorus/COD analyzer NPW-160


Innovative sequential batch measurement of three items (total nitrogen, total phosphorous, and COD (UV) by multi-wavelength detector

Reagent-saving measurement by the autoclave method (120°C/30 min.)

Built-in auto-calibrator (zero/span calibration)

Able to store a year's worth of measurement data of total nitrogen, total phosphorous, and COD (UV) in a CF card

Load calculation: Calculation of the loads of total nitrogen, total phosphorous, and COD (UV) through the input signals of the flow meter

Built-in pure water cartridge (optional feature)

Drip-proof housing with high maintainability

Specifications Measurement range Repeatability


Automatic total nitrogen/phosphorus/COD analyzer
Product name Model

Measurement object
Concentrations of total nitrogen (TN), total phosphorous (TP), and COD in water
Measurement frequency
One measurement per hour (time settable from 1~6 hours)

Measurement point

One flow channel

Load calculation

Analog output Output of measured value (three items): 4~20 mADC
Output of load value (three items): 4~20 mADC
Analog input Flow meter: 4~20 mADC
Contact output Measured value alarm, load value alarm, etc.
Contact input External measurement start, external calibration start, etc.
Ambient temperature/humidity 2~40°C, 85% (RH) or lower
Condition of sample water Flow: 1~3 L/min
Pressure: 20~50 kPa
Temperature: 2~40°C

Usage of reagent

Potassium peroxodisulfate solution: Approx. 2.6 L
Sodium hydroxide solution: Approx. 0.37 L
Hydrochloric acid solution: Approx. 0.45 L
Ammonium molybdate solution: Approx. 0.37 L
L-ascorbic acid solution: Approx. 0.37 L

Amount of effluent

Approx. 15 L/month (stored in the built-in 20-L tank)
Power supply
100±10 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption
Max. approx. 500 VA; approx. 200 VA average
Approx. 80 kg

Measurement range

10-mm cell


TN 0~5mg/L 0~50mg/L
TP 0~2mg/L 0~20mg/L
COD 0~1Abs/cm 0~2Abs/cm

20-mm cell



TN 0~2mg/L 0~25mg/L
TP 0~0.5mg/L 0~10mg/L
COD 0~0.5Abs/cm 0~1Abs/cm
5-mm cell Min. Max.
TN 0~100mg/L 0~200mg/L
TP 0~5mg/L 0~20mg/L
COD 0~1Abs/cm 0~2Abs/cm


10-mm cell

TN 0~50 mg/L

Within ±3%FS

TP 0~20 mg/L Within ±3%FS
COD 0~2 Abs/cm Within ±2%FS
20-mm cell

0~25 mg/L

Within ±3%FS


0~10 mg/L

Within ±3%FS


0~2 Abs/cm

Within ±2%FS

5-mm cell


0~100 mg/L

Within ±3%FS

0~200 mg/L, over 100 mg/L

Within ±5%FS

TP 0~20 mg/L

Within ±3%FS

COD COD 0~2Abs/cm Within ±2%FS