DKK-TOA Corporation

Automatic total nitrogen/phosphorus/COD analyzer NPW-160

A drip-proof-type three-item automatic analyzer equipped with built-in COD analyzer (UV method) for total nitrogen/phosphorous based on the official analytical method (autoclave method)


The NPW-160, a total nitrogen/phosphorous automatic analyzer, is employed for monitoring factory and industrial effluent as well as for the automatic measurement of the concentrations of total nitrogen/phosphorous/COD, in order to comply with the Total Pollutant Load Control.

This analyzer is based on the autoclave method of total nitrogen/phosphorous measurement, which is the official analytical method. In this analyzer, "total nitrogen measurement by the potassium peroxodisulfate 120°C decomposition method - ultraviolet absorptiometry" and "total phosphorous measurement by the potassium peroxodisulfate 120°C decomposition method - molybdenum-blue absorptiometry" are adopted. You can obtain results in accordance with the official analytical method.

The COD is analyzed by ultraviolet absorptiometry, and the COD value is indicated correlating with manual analysis. The NPW-160 has one flow channel and one range, and performs three-item measurement as standard.

In addition, we have a nationwide service network through which we provide after-sales services of regular inspection and failure repair.