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Multi-Parameter Water Quality Meter

Multi-Parameter Water Quality Meter

Multi-Parameter Water Quality Meter WQC-30



  • Simultaneous measurement of pH, Conductivity, Turbidity, Temp., Salinity (DO measurement possible as option)
  • Suitable for water quality management of river/lake or factory/construction effluent 
  • Reliability of low range turbidity measurement improved
  •  Energy-saving design, rechargeable batteries can be used
  • Water-proof (IP67 rated)


Multi-Parameter Water Quality Meter

Standard Sensor ModuleStandard Sensor Module

Chlorophyll ModuleChlorophyll Module

Ion Sensor ModuleIon Sensor Module

● Simultaneous measurement of up to 11 items
(pH, DO, conductivity, turbidity, temp., salinity, total dissolved solid, specific gravity of sea water, water depth, ORP, chlorophyll, Ions(F-, Cl-, NO3-, Ca2+, K, NH4)
● Continuous measurement at depth of 100m
● Diameter of standard sensor module is 45mm
● Up to 1 month data storage